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Beef Recipes

Beef recipes are one of my favorite to make. There are so many affordable cuts, that taste extra tender if cooked right, and so many delicious combos. The good thing about beef is that the most expensive cuts aren’t necessarily the best. The cooking method is key for each cut, in order to get the best result.

How to choose beef cuts:

Chuck – the chuck is the shoulder, it is very lean and because of that very tough. It is best in beef recipes like ground into hamburger patties, or cut into stew meat. Also, it is perfect for pot roasts, as it requires a longer period of time to cook it for the perfect tender bite.

Ribs – the are two types of rib cuts, bone-in and boneless. Also the prime rib and rib eye steaks come from this primal cut, but are cut individually from the roasts. These cuts are either roasted, grilled or seared in a skillet, to preserve their flavor and juiciness.

Loin – the strip loin and the tenderloin, usually the most tender cuts of beef. Steaks are usually cut from these tender parts. All loin cuts are best dry-heat cooked like the rib cuts. The sirloin is not as tender as the loin cuts. It is actually quite lean and makes a fine steak or roast, it is also perfect for premium ground beef.

Round – like the chuck, it is a heavily used muscle, which means that its very lean and full of connective tissue. It is ideal for roasts and steaks which must be stewed or braised in order to make them tender.

Brisket – knows as the breast, it is very tough and contains a lot of fat. It is generally brined to make corned beef as well pastrami. It can be cooked to tender perfection using a smoker.

Flank – a cut from the side of the animal. Flank steaks and London broil come from the flank, they are tough, but flavorful and do well cooked in moist or dry heat. They are great if you have time to marinate them and are delicious in recipes that ask for a slow cooker or pressure cooker.