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Best Instant Pot Rice Pudding [VIDEO]

Instant Pot Rice Pudding is creamy and aromatic, flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg, ready in just 30 minutes, thanks to your pressure cooker. This is the best pressure cooker rice pudding recipe you can get! 

This is the perfect comfort dessert when you want something warm and soothing that will remind you of summer days when you were little. Whether you spent your days at the pool with friends, fishing at the lake, laying in the grass staring at the sky, or (me) trying new recipes in grandma’s kitchen, this dessert always hits the spot! Now, I can share all the tips and tricks on making it great, just like you had it as a kid.

Instant Pot Rice Pudding is one of the easiest ways to make the most delicious and creamy rice pudding you have ever tasted! Seriously, this it will rock your world! It reminds me of a lot of my childhood and of the endless, fun summers spend with my grandparents.

The best thing about this recipe is that you can make it fast in the Instant Pot. It is so easy because you do not have to stir it or watch it. Just pour it all in, close the lid, and turn it on. When it is done, come back and stir in the milk and vanilla, and you can eat it. I can make it in less than 30 minutes instead of the two hours it takes in the oven.

The kids love to dip cookies into this rice pudding, so I always try to make their favorites. My son likes regular chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies, but my daughter always has to have the monster cookies that I usually make on Halloween. They are easy to make so I do not mind, and they taste great.

Why you will love this recipe

  • It is so fast: In less than 30 minutes, you have an old-fashioned comfort food and dessert from the past.
  • You can make it easy: This recipe requires just a few steps and a few ingredients.
  • You do not add sugar: No sugar is needed because the condensed milk has enough sweetness.
  • Only one pot: Afterward, you only have one pot to clean!

What you’ll need to make instant pot rice pudding

Special items:

  • Instant Pot – I use an Instant Pot Duo Plus.
  • Colander – To rinse the rice.
  • Wooden spoon – For stirring.


  • Milk – I recommend that you use whole milk for the creamiest pudding.
  • Water – To help everything come together.
  • Rice – I prefer long-grain white rice, typically basmati or jasmine.
  • Vanilla – It is best to use 100% pure vanilla extract for excellent vanilla flavor with no aftertaste.
  • Cinnamon – Adds a sweet and gently earthy taste.
  • Nutmeg – Pairs well with cinnamon with a hint of spicy sweetness.
  • Sweetened condensed milk – This is important for the sweetness and thick creaminess.
  • Salt – Just a bit of kosher salt for a clean, fresh, salty taste without bitterness.

How to make instant pot rice pudding?

  1. Clean and drain the rice: First, rinse the rice well in a colander and let it drain for about five minutes, stirring it around so it is completely dry.
  2. Fill and set the pot: Add milk, water, cinnamon, nutmeg, rice, and salt to the instant pot. Stir, put the lid on, and seal.
  3. Cook: Cook the pudding on high for 10 minutes. Then, let it naturally release for 10 minutes. After, hit cancel to turn it off and open the valve to release the remaining pressure.
  4. Stir and serve: After it is depressurized, open it and add the sweetened condensed milk and the vanilla. Stir well and then serve.

Expert tip

Different kinds of rice

So, you have probably heard of the basic rice varieties like white, brown, wild, long-grain, and maybe basmati and jasmine. But did you know there are over 40,000 types of rice? Not only do they taste different, but they also cook differently and have different health benefits. Some are best steamed, others are better stir-fried, while others are perfect for making sushi (they call it sushi rice).

White rice can be cooked any way you like for just about any dish. It comes in short, medium, and long grain. Brown is 100% whole-grain, so it is healthier and also tastes nuttier with a chewier texture. It is perfect for stuffings and casseroles. Basmati is aromatic and flavorful, cooks up any way you want, and is excellent in all dishes, including this rice pudding recipe. Jasmine is another lovely scented rice that would be delicious in this pudding.

Arborio is another good choice for rice pudding because it has a creamy texture. However, I do not like it as much in the Instant Pot. Maybe it’s the intense steam that makes it a bit mushy. Short-grain sushi rice is not a good choice for this dish either. The Instant Pot will definitely make it sticky, but in my opinion, it will be too sticky to the point of being clumpy.

Recipe variations and add-ins:

  • Other spices: Instead of (or in addition to), cinnamon and nutmeg, use cloves, ginger, rosemary, lavender, lemon balm, licorice, or sweet basil.
  • Make it spicy: Alternatively, make it spicy pudding by adding some red pepper flakes or cayenne pepper.
  • No vanilla: For a different taste, substitute the vanilla extract with something else, like chocolate, banana, or strawberry.
  • Zesty: Add lime or lemon zest and juice to your pudding for extra tanginess.
  • No dairy: Use non-dairy milk and coconut cream for condensed milk for someone with a milk allergy.   

Serving suggestions:

This can be a dessert, breakfast, or snack. You can also try one of my fun serving ideas here.

  • Make it more of a meal for breakfast or lunch by adding some chopped nuts and fruit. Raisins, cranberries, and chopped walnuts are great choices.
  • Add a drizzle of my thick and rich caramel sauce to your rice pudding for extra deliciousness.
  • This dish is also fantastic topped with blueberry sauce or strawberry sauce.
  • Another great way to top this rice pudding is with my creamy whipped topping dollop.

Frequently asked questions

Why is my rice pudding runny?

There are several reasons why your rice pudding may not have set properly. Your ratio of liquid to rice may not have been correctly measured. It should be about three parts liquid to one part dry rice. Remember, though, that rice pudding thickens as it cools, so remove it from the heat and let it cool for 10 to 15 minutes before you worry it is too runny. If it is still watery after that time, mix one tablespoon of water with one tablespoon of cornstarch until the cornstarch is dissolved. Then, stir it into the rice pudding until it is thick.

What is the best rice for rice pudding?

Any kind of rice will work with this recipe. That being said, I like to use long-grained rice because it is healthier and gives my pudding a better texture and chew. However, different grains absorb liquid differently, so you should take that into consideration, too. That is why I use converted white long-grain rice, but you can also use jasmine, arborio, or basmati rice. Brown rice absorbs rice differently and does not perform as well. 

How does the RICE function work on the instant pot?

First, you do not need to use this function for this recipe since you are not cooking rice traditionally. Secondly, this setting is only for white rice. It will be inaccurate if you cook any other kind of rice. Before you start, cook your rice on a one-to-one ration with water to rice. So, if you cook one cup of rice, you need one cup of water. Then, rinse the rice until it runs clear, press the RICE button, and follow the instructions.

How to store leftovers:

  • Refrigerate: Pour leftover pudding into a jar or airtight container, which can stay in the fridge for up to four days.   
  • Freezing: To freeze, place it in a freezer-safe container. It can be kept for up to three months.   
  • Defrost: Remove from the freezer and thaw overnight in the fridge before serving.
  • Reheating: Reheat in the microwave for one to two minutes.

More Instant Pot desserts:

Recipe tips:

  • Do not use the RICE function for this recipe. Just follow the instructions.
  • Ensure you use the correct liquid ratio to rice when cooking so it sets properly.
  • You can use any rice in this recipe. However, brown rice may not be as tender.
  • Try this as a savory dish. Just remove the sweet ingredients and replace them with savory ones.
  • For a non-dairy dish, use almond milk and coconut cream instead.

Best Instant Pot Rice Pudding

Instant Pot Rice Pudding is creamy and aromatic, flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg. Thanks to your pressure cooker, it's ready in just 30 minutes.

  • Prep Time5 MIN
  • Cook Time20 MIN
  • Servings 4 people

Best Instant Pot Rice Pudding

Instant Pot Rice Pudding is creamy and aromatic, flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg. Thanks to your pressure cooker, it's ready in just 30 minutes.

  • Prep Time5 MIN
  • Cook Time20 MIN
  • Servings 4 people


  • 2 cups whole milk*
  • cups water
  • 1 cup long-grained rice Basmati or short grain white rice will also work
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg freshly grated
  • 1 can (14oz) sweetened condensed milk
  • pinch of salt


  • Rinse rice well, using a fine mesh colander, and let it drain well.
  • Add milk, water, a pinch of salt, cinnamon, and nutmeg to the Instant Pot.
  • Add rice to the Instant Pot and stir to combine.
  • Put the lid on, seal it, and close the vent. Pressure cook for 10 minutes.
  • Once done, do a 10-minute natural Pressure Release.
  • After 10 minutes, press Cancel to turn off the Instant Pot and open the vent to release the remaining pressure.
  • Open the lid and add the sweetened condensed milk. Add half, taste, and see if more is needed, and add vanilla extract. Stir well until thoroughly combined and creamy.
  • Serve and enjoy!

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My family loves rice pudding, but I've only ever made it in the oven. I was afraid when I saw the that this recipe used sweetened condensed milk instead of sugar, but we were so happy with the flavor! All of my family loved it and said it was the perfect consistency and sweetness. Thank you!

Judy L Karcher

Judy L Karcher

I made this exactly to the recipe and it was super easy and delicious.

Catalina Castravet

Catalina Castravet

thank you, we also love this recipe :)



This was very good and I really liked that no eggs were involved in the making made it exactly as directed but it needed more liquid when finished so I added 1/2cup each of heavy cream and milk.Worked out perfectly. After enjoying this delicious dessert I had some strawberries and cream left from dessert the day before and decided to combine them,OMG sòooo good my hubby loved it and he is no rice pudding fan.Even better he asked a few hours later, "so are we not having the dessert til tomorrow?" Yes!! IT'S A WINNER FOR SURE THANKS FOR SHARING. NOW IF I COULD FIND A TAPIOCA RECIPE, hint,hint

Catalina Castravet

Catalina Castravet

thank you, we also love this recipe :) and yes, I am working on a Tapioca recipe



Easy peasy and it was so creamy. 9 added part of the vanilla to cooking rice and some after when I added the condensed milk. For 1 cup of the milk 8 used half and half. It was great. I am definitely making it again and will try it with raisens.

Catalina Castravet

Catalina Castravet

thank you, we also love this recipe :)

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