Catalina Castravet

Hey there! I’m Catalina Castravet, the recipe developer and founder behind this little corner of the web.  For over 15 years, I’ve honed my culinary skills, not just through countless meals cooked, but through relentless testing and refinement. Every recipe on this blog is a testament to that dedication.  Consider me your personal recipe whisperer, ensuring every dish delivers success, especially for busy families.

My culinary journey began in the heart of Eastern Europe, the Republic of Moldova.  It was there, surrounded by the warmth and magic of my mother and grandmother’s kitchen, that I discovered my profound love for food. 

Their dedication went far beyond the meal itself – it was about creating connections, sharing stories, and crafting beautiful memories.  Witnessing their passion instilled a deep understanding that food is more than a need; it’s a powerful way to foster love and joy.

Years later, I found myself captivated by the wide array of flavors in New York City. This melting pot of cultures ignited a spark within me, a desire to experiment and explore. And this is how the blog actually was born. 

I started to study cooking in a more professional manner. Formal training through NYC culinary boot camps and collaborations with international chefs have equipped me with a deep understanding of various culinary techniques and global flavors. Combine that with 15 years of developing, testing, and perfecting thousands of recipes, and you have someone you can trust for genuine experience and expertise.

But trust isn’t built solely on credentials.  It’s built on results.

That’s why I take pride in partnering with leading brands like Barilla, Bob’s Red Mill, M&ms, Nescafe, Lipton, Mars, Nestle, and many more.  These collaborations are a validation of the quality and reliability of my recipes and food photography.

The bottom line is, I’m passionate about empowering you to cook delicious meals with confidence. With my experience, expertise, and dedication to quality, you can trust this blog to be your reliable guide in the kitchen. So, grab your apron, and let’s get cooking!

P.S. I have a bit of an obsession with a surprisingly versatile and healthy ingredient – carrots!  You won’t believe it but over 100 recipes on this blog feature this delightful orange veggie.  So, whether you’re craving a decadent sweet treat or a wholesome veggie dish, I have a recipe (or ten, or a hundred!) waiting for you.

For even more inspiration and behind-the-scenes action, follow me on Facebook and Pinterest or shoot me an email at – I can’t wait to hear from you!