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Welcome to Sweet and Savory Meals! Here you can find easy, delicious, and family-tested recipes. This is my food website filled with over a thousand of tried and approved recipes that I and my professional team created over eight years. We always strive to provide simple, yet delicious recipes for the every-day home cook. We hope you will enjoy them just as much as we do!

Short description about me…

My name is Catalina Castravet and I am a trained professional cook with over 15 years of experience. I have created thousands of recipes, and cooked even more meals. When you decide to make one of my recipes, rest assured that they have been tested over and over, to provide you the best quality meal!

With a passion for cooking and baking that I inherited from my highly talented grandma and mom, I decided to start a journey and share all the delicious recipes with my beloved followers. I love spending time in the kitchen, cooking family favorites, and traditional meals, as well to mix and match ingredients.

Over the past ten years, I dedicated most of my time to learning, testing, and growing my knowledge in the kitchen. I always strive to learn and improve my cooking skills. Just recently,  I took a few culinary boot camps at NYC culinary school. Also, whenever possible, I meet with various local and International private chefs to learn and also share about the art of cooking.

With that said, I mostly cook easy meals which are perfect for busy families. Also, I enjoy cooking delicious desserts, so you will find a fair share of sweets on this blog.

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Are you looking for delicious and simple recipes that will be a shining point during every meal? Do you want to keep developing your passion for cooking and baking? Well, then Sweet and Savory Meals is a place for you! Our website was founded in 2012, and since then, we have managed to create and test thousands of various recipes.

Our blog quickly grew and gathered millions of followers from across the world who felt inspired to try their own luck in preparing our dishes. Thanks to that attention, Sweet and Savory Meals rapidly developed, gaining more teammates and professional studio space. Join our cooking community and make sure you won’t miss any recipes!

Sweet and Savory Meals…

Sweet and Savory Meals became an online recipe website in 2012 where I started to document and share my daily recipes and kitchen tips. Over time, I realized that this is truly my passion and what I love the most! It quickly has grown into a professional and large food website that is visited by millions of readers across the globe per month.

We highly appreciate your support, and always try to listen to what our followers want. With that in mind, we decided to expand our team to provide top-notch recipes that are most demanded and admired by our readers. Now, we have a professional studio where we film step-by-step videos. This makes it easier for our readers and followers to better understand the cooking process. Also, we hired a private and certified chef, who is always by my side to share her skills and knowledge. 

Our blog and recipes were featured in many articles, such as on Buzzfeed, Country Living, Romper, etc. It has more than 1Million followers on Facebook, 250,000 Pinterest followers, and 32,000 Instagram followers.  Also, we have worked with several brands such as Walmart, Johnson, and Johnson, Boar’s Head, Prosecco, and Ocean Spray Cranberries. 

Please feel free to browse and explore our Recipe Index. We appreciate your support and you can always connect with us via social media or email us directly by clicking here.

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