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Best Grilled Potatoes Recipe [video]

These Crispy Grilled Potatoes are seasoned with fresh parsley and rosemary and ready in less than 30 minutes. This is the perfect side dish for all your meaty entrees this summer. Watch the video tutorial below and you’ll see how easy this is.

I love making easy homemade side dishes for the whole family to enjoy. This recipe makes a great side dish to Wine Roasted Beef Tenderloin, Blackened Chicken, and Grilled Pork Chops!

During the summer bbq season, these grilled potatoes are on top of my menu. They always turn up golden and crisp on the outside and creamy inside. This recipe is as delicious as my Garlic Roasted Potatoes, but with an added smoky flavor.

To make this dish, you can use pretty much any kind of potato, and seasoning mix. Apart from being delicious, they are quite healthy. I cook them in a bit of extra-virgin olive oil. This gives them a nice crunchy coat and a perfectly golden brown color on the outside. 

According to the USDA, one medium potato has 147 kcal of energy, negligible fat, and zero cholesterol. Its potassium content is also remarkable. It is hearty, too, which makes it popular for those trying to lose weight.

With all these health benefits, this recipe already proves to be worth a try. Also, it is very tasty and a super-easy side dish! Give this recipe a try and you will be making them over and over again!

Ingredients needed:

  • Yukon or Russet potatoes 
  • Kosher salt and pepper
  • Garlic powder
  • Onion powder
  • Zest of one lemon
  • Juice of one lemon
  • Extra-virgin olive oil, vegetable oil, or canola oil
  • Freshly chopped rosemary

How do you make the best grilled potatoes?

  1. Boil – First, bring water to a boil. Add some salt, and boil the spuds in salted water for about 10 minutes until they are tender but not mushy. Then, drain and let them cool.
  2. Season – Next, season them by dredging each wedge into a bowl of mixture. Simply, combine the above ingredients in a large bowl, and then coat them evenly with the herbed seasoning. 
  3. Grill – Ensure the grill is ready and heated to medium-high. Then, oil a little the grates with some olive oil. Place the seasoned spuds on it, and grill until golden brown. This will take roughly five to seven minutes.
  4. Garnish – In your bowl of the oil mixture, add in some chopped parsley. Next, return the grilled veggies into the oil mixture to toss and coat them again. Then, serve! It is that easy!


Recipe Variations:

  • Seasoning: Feel free to season them the way you like. Use a mix of fresh herbs, Italian seasoning, chili powder, paprika, etc. 
  • Sweet potatoes: Want it healthier? Then, swap the spuds with sweet potatoes instead. 
  • Toppings: I like serving them with some sour cream on top, bacon bits, chopped green onions, shredded parmesan cheese, freshly chopped dill. 
  • Garlic: For garlic lovers, mince 2-3 fresh garlic cloves on top. 

What potatoes are best for grilling?

As stated above, feel free to use any type of potatoes you have on hand. However, when grilling, I tend to go with the ones which have thin skin and waxy flesh. Therefore, your best bet would be Yukon gold, Russet, or new potatoes.

In addition, the purple ones and the red potatoes are also good to use in this recipe. They tend to hold their shape well when grilling. 

How long do you grill the potatoes?

This depends on the size of the potatoes. If you cook whole, and bigger-sized ones, then the cooking time should be about 25 to 30 minutes. 

Also, if you cut them into potato wedges just like in the picture above, then the grilling time should be about 20 minutes. 

Oven-roasted version:

If you intend to roast them in the oven, just follow the recipe steps until you season them.

Then, transfer them into a baking sheet and lightly grease with some oil. Next, pop them into a pre-heated to 425 degrees F and cook them for about 15 to 20 minutes until tender. The high temperature ensures that the outside will be crispy. Yum!

Can you grill them in foil?

Yes! Using a foil packet will trap direct heat and allow the spuds to steam inside, making them extra tender. I personally love grilling them without aluminum foil, because I prefer serving them extra crispy on the outside. 

But if you’d like, here are the steps for grilled potatoes in foil:

  1. First, rinse and dry the potatoes using a paper towel.
  2. Then, season the spuds, and coat them with some olive oil. 
  3. Place a large sheet of foil on top of the grill, and coat with non-stick spray. 
  4. Next, add the spuds onto the foil in a single layer. 
  5. Grill until golden and tender.

How to make the potatoes extra-crispy?

Aside from cooking them at a high temperature to ensure crispy output, soak the potatoes first in water to remove as much starch as possible.

Also, once boiled, drain and ensure that the spuds are dry. The reason for this is that water remaining on the surface of the vegetable can steam, not grill, thereby making it less crispy.

Are they healthy? How many calories are in them?

Yes! Unlike the deep-fried version, grilling them is a healthy alternative because little oil is used. They are high in fiber, low in sodium, and have plenty of magnesium. 

In addition, a serving of them has about two potatoes has 350 calories.

What to serve with this side dish?

I like pairing this side dish with:

How to store leftovers?

It may come as a surprise, but cooked spuds make good freezer meals!

  • Refrigerate: Just put them in an airtight container, and refrigerate them for up to 4 days.
  • Freeze: Transfer leftovers to a large freezer bag and freeze them for up to 3 months.
  • Reheat: Thaw one portion and heat them up in a preheated oven for 5-7 minutes. Alternatively, warm them in a microwave for a few minutes, or on the stove in a large skillet.

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Recipe Tips

  • You can either use a charcoal grill or a gas grill. Use a hot grill, and cook on high heat for a crispy texture. 
  • Also, for a crispier top, sprinkle some coarse salt. 
  • Instead of the oil dressing, you can top the grilled spuds with a ranch dressing. Or, top them with crispy bacon and some shredded cheese.
  • The high temperature of cooking this recipe entails that garlic onion is a must. Also, do not use fresh ones as they may just burn in the process.
  • Boiling the spuds first makes them fork tender inside. However, this step is optional and can be skipped. 
  • In addition, feel free to change up the mixture of herbs and seasonings according to your liking.

Grilled Potatoes Recipe

These Crispy Grilled Potatoes are seasoned with fresh parsley and rosemary and ready in less than 30 minutes. This is the perfect side dish for all your meaty entrees this summer.

Grilled Potatoes
  • Prep Time10 MIN
  • Cook Time20 MIN
  • Servings 4 servings as a side dish


  • 5-6 large Idaho or russet potatoes cut into wedges


  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • 2 tablespoons garlic powder
  • 1 tablespoon onion powder
  • Zest of 1 lemon
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons fresh rosemary chopped
  • 2 tablespoons fresh parsley chopped


Boil the potatoes:

  • Bring a large pot with water over high heat, bring to a boil and add about 1 teaspoon of salt, stir to dissolve.
  • Next, add the potatoes and cook until al dente, about 10 minutes, don't overcook. Drain and let cool slightly.

Grilling steps:

  • Heat the grill to medium-high and oil grates. Or just place a grill pan over medium-high heat and lightly oil the pan.
  • In a large bowl, mix together all the marinade ingredients except parsley.
  • Add the spuds and toss gently to coat.
  • Then, grill the potatoes, flipping once, until golden brown, about 5 minutes per side.
  • Add parsley to the remaining oil mixture, then return grilled potatoes to the mixture and toss again to combine.
  • Serve immediately.

Nutrition Facts

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Jenifer Bynum

Jenifer Bynum

Can you boil the potatoes ahead of time? Like the night before or early that morning?

Catalina Castravet

Catalina Castravet

yes you could.



Looks very appetizing

Shannon Montante

Shannon Montante

Seriously so good!!!! Make sure you cut them large enough that they don't fall through the grill grates though. We cut ours kinda small and lost some. But TASTY!



This is one of our favorite recipes! I didn’t have any lemons the first time we made these potatoes, so I used fresh squeezed orange juice and orange zest. It worked just as well. Re-infusing the flavor after cooking is genius and the aroma is wonderful.

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