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Catalina Castravet
By Catalina Castravet
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Cook time Cook time: 30 minutes

Strawberry Rolls are stuffed with fresh strawberries and lemon-infused jam filling, baked until golden, then smothered with cream cheese icing. Serve with coffee or tea for a terrific breakfast or snack!

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Strawberry Rolls with Homemade Strawberry Filling

Strawberry Rolls are entirely made from scratch, but they cannot be easier! For instance, there’s no kneading involved, and the filling and icing come together in minutes. Not only are these rolls seriously good, but they’re made of wholesome, easily accessible ingredients.

It’s worth making these rolls just for the smell alone. It’s going to fill up your house with the heavenly aromas of strawberries and fresh, homemade bread! Finally, it tastes AMAZING. Full of pure strawberry flavor with a hint of lemon, stuffed into the softest rolls and soaked in creamy icing. You HAVE to try these ASAP!

What are strawberry rolls?

They’re a fruity riff to everyone’s favorite Cinnamon Rolls! Instead of classic cinnamon sugar, we’re stuffing them with fresh strawberries and jam, then drizzling all of it with homemade cream cheese icing.

These are richer than your average rolls because not all roll recipes add milk and butter to the dough— but we do! That richness complements the fruit and the lemon flavors beautifully.

What You Need

For the dough:

  • Dry: Measure out some regular flour, a tsp. of salt, and a small packet of yeast (2 ¼ tsp.) 
  • Sweetener: Just a half cup of sugar gives our dough a subtle sweetness that goes with the fruit.
  • Wet: No hard-to-find ingredients here— just regular melted butter, a cup of room-temp milk, and a couple of fresh eggs!

For the strawberry filling:

  • Jam: Use your favorite brand, or make your own. We like ours seedless so the filling is perfectly smooth.
  • Lemon: To brighten things up, we’re using both the tart zest and juice.
  • Diced fruit: A full cup and a half of fresh, diced fruit goes into these treats!
  • Cornstarch: A little cornstarch will bind the filling and bring it together.

For the icing:

  • Cream cheese: Your cheese should be at room temp, so it blends with the butter without issue.
  • Butter: Soften this by letting it stand on the counter for a couple of hours.
  • Sweetener: A couple of cups of icing sugar gives our icing the perfect level of sweetness! It also giving the icing body, so it’s not overly soft.
  • Flavorings: We’re using a combo of vanilla plus lemon zest and juice, then a pinch of salt to wake up all the flavors.

How to make homemade strawberry rolls from scratch

  1. Make the dough. Start by mixing the yeast together with a tbsp. of sugar plus the lukewarm water, then leave it for 5 mins. Meanwhile, combine your flour and salt. 
  2. After 5 mins., add your wet plus the rest of the sugar to the yeast mix. Combine that with the salt-flour mix, then stir. Let this rest for 10 mins. covered in plastic wrap. 
  3. Put the filling together. Take your diced fruit, then cook on medium for 4 mins., until the juices start to come out. 
  4. Add the rest of the filling components except for the jam, and continue warming up until thick. Finally, stir in the jam, and chill everything.
  5. Prep for baking. Roll out your dough flat. Spread the chilled fruit filling, then make a log shape by rolling it up. Cut into 2-inch slices. Leave it for 10 mins. to rest.
  6. Bake. Place in a 350F oven for up to 25 mins. until golden.
  7. Finish with icing. Beat the cheese and softened butter, then add the rest of the icing components. Pour all over the freshly-baked rolls.
  8. Serve. Enjoy fresh with more strawberries!

Recipe variations and substitutions:

  • Blueberry: Use blueberry sauce or a blueberry-strawberry combo.
  • Other jams: Love persimmon or peach jam? How about blackberry or plum? Feel free to experiment with your favorite fruit flavors.
  • Spices: We love adding a hint of cinnamon into the filling!
  • Other toppings: Top with crushed nuts, chocolate chips or chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, more fruit chunks, or even softened Nutella.
  • Frosting: For a more decadent treat, covered in cream cheese frosting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will fresh strawberries work for this recipe?

Yes, use the freshest, sweetest, and juiciest ones you can find! It’s hard to beat fresh fruit, especially in this recipe. You can even use them to make homemade jam as well using our easy recipe.

What do you eat with Strawberry Rolls?

Pair a piece with a hot mug of coffee or tea for a wonderful breakfast. If you’re in the mood for something heartier, serve it with Egg Bites, Asparagus Frittata, or a nice omelet. Lastly, these go really well with a refreshing smoothie.

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Storing instructions:

Cool these down, then seal them up in an air-tight container. Store in the fridge for up to 5 days. They’re delicious cold, but even better if you warm them up in the microwave for a few minutes!

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4.86 from 7 reviews

Strawberry Rolls

Strawberry Rolls are stuffed with fresh strawberries and lemon-infused jam filling, baked until golden, then smothered with cream cheese icing.

Author: Catalina Castravet Serves: 12 rolls
Prep time: 1 hour 30 minutes Cook time: 30 minutes Total time: 2 hrs



Strawberry Filling:

Cream Cheese Icing:


Make the dough:

Make the Filling:

Prepare the Rolls:

Make the Cream Cheese Icing:

Icing the Rolls:


  • For foolproof icing, soften your butter and cream cheese. This way, they incorporate easily and don’t leave lumps in the icing.
  • Feel free to adjust the sweetness of the icing by reducing or adding sugar.
  • Chill the filling BEFORE spreading it onto the dough, or you’ll have a sticky mess on your hands.
  • We love fruit chunks in our filling, but for a shortcut, you can also use lemon-infused jam alone.

Nutrition information

Calories: 522 Carbohydrates: 84 Protein: 8 Fat: 19 Saturated Fat: 11 Trans Fat: 1 Cholesterol: 73 Sodium: 451 Potassium: 263 Fiber: 4 Sugar: 46 Vitamin A: 652 Vitamin C: 15 Calcium: 122 Iron: 3
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Amber Myers

We love strawberries! I know these rolls would be a hit for breakfast.



Oh my goodness, these look absolutely delicious! I may try to attempt this, I wish I had one right now!



This sounds and looks fantastic! And not too hard either!



Rolls are a fav of mine but I’ve never tried strawberry ones. Those look so good


Lisa Martin

I love anything strawberry! These look amazing! I have to make these ASAP.


Monica Simpson

I have never seen these before. They look incredible!


Tara Pittman

These rolls sound so delicious. I have plenty of strawberries so I will be making these.


Nikki Wayne

I'm so down for anything that has sweetened strawberry in it!



I really love strawberries, especially in dessert. This sounds perfect for summer.


Gervin Khan

Your Strawberry Rolls looks really delicious and will def making that for the kids this weekend.



Those look delicious! Perfect for a summertime treat.


Kita Bryant

These turned out perfect! I would absolutely love to try some of these.



This is a really good recipe, great use for those summer strawberries! I did have some problems with the recipe as it's written: The filling needs to be made first since it needs to be chilled. Also the filling instructions call for sugar, but no sugar listed in the ingredients. I added about a 1/4c simply because it's so sweet as it is. The icing leaves out adding the lemon juice and zest, but adds milk( not in the ingredients) I found my dough really needed to rise/ rest longer than 10 minutes, but that just might be my climate. I stuck it in the fridge for a few hours before rolling it out. Assembled the rolls and left the whole thing in the fridge overnight. I let them warm up about 30 minutes in the morning before I cooked them and they were fine.


Anosa Malanga

I always love to go back to your website and look for more recipes that I can try. And my cooking skills and baking skills are enhancing.


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