Red White and Blue Cheesecake Salad [video]

Catalina Castravet
By Catalina Castravet
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This Red, White, and Blue Cheesecake Salad is the perfect patriotic dessert to enjoy for Memorial Day or Independence Day. It is made with fresh fruits and is super delicious.

This is one colorful and creamy salad that is just ideal for a summer potluck, picnics or barbecues. You might also love our other patriotic desserts such as American Flag Cupcakes, Patriotic Fudge, or American Rice Crispy.

Red, White, and Blue Cheesecake Salad

Red White and Blue Cheesecake Salad

Summer desserts might be tricky to pick and please everyone. But this Red White and Blue Cheesecake Salad is guaranteed to be a huge hit with everyone. 

First of all, it is super easy to make and very delicious. It contains strawberries, berries, and marshmallows. The combination of these ingredients along with cream makes it one irresistible dish!

Also, it is just perfect for summer BBQ’s, potlucks, or picnics. Because this recipe is so fresh and colorful, it is pretty much the best food to go along the summer events or holidays. Whether you want something special for 4th of July, or simply something refreshing, this desserts is definitely a winner!


This is definitely not your regular baked cheesecake or salad. It requires no baking or lettuce! The name is derived because of the use of cream cheese or yogurt, and the way the fruits are mixed together, as well as cheesecake pudding mix. This dessert is very creamy, rich and indulging, which requires no baking. 

Red, White, and Blue Cheesecake Salad

What do you need to make Red White and Blue Cheesecake Salad?

This recipe is very versatile and can be used with other fruits to your liking. For this version, we used the following ingredients:
  • Strawberry yogurt
  • Instant cheesecake pudding
  • Whipped topping
  • Vanilla extract
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Marshmallows

How to Make Red White and Blue Cheesecake Salad?

Get the freshest Fruits – It all starts with the fruits used. Since they are front and center here, you want to make sure you use organic, ripe, and fresh once. We picked strawberries and blueberries in this mix to represent the colors of the American Flag. However, you can swap them with your favorite once. 

Wash and Clen the Fruits – Prior to utilizing them, ensure you properly wash and clean the fruits. Also, we like to slice the strawberries in half, or quarters depending on how large they are. But you could also use whole once if desired. Make sure you pat them dry.

Prepare the Cream filling – In a medium bowl add the whipped topping, vanilla, pudding mix, and yogurt. Using a hand mixer, whip the cream until it is well balanced and fluffy. Once properly mixed and smoothed, it should be nice and soft. Chill it before using.

Assemble the salad – Now that you have everything ready, simply place the sliced strawberries, berries, and marshmallow into a bowl, and add the cheesecake mixture on top. Stir gently a few times until well mixed.

Red, White, and Blue Cheesecake Salad


The beauty of this dish is that you can mix and match various fruits. Pretty much use any fruits you like, simply add into it. Some other great additions are: 

  • Pineapple, mango, mandarin oranges, grapefruits
  • Grapes, kiwis, raspberries
  • Blackberries, melon, apples, papaya. 


Although we have made this recipe with cream cheese frosting, you can substitute it with some of the following:

  • Whipped Cream – It is a nice alternative to the cream cheese mixture, and the great thing is that you can buy it ready, and use right away. 
  • Buttercream Frosting – it will also work nicely here because it is rich, creamy and flavorful. 
  • Greek Yogurt – For a healthier option, feel free to go with yogurt. In addition, you might add some honey if you feel like it. 


Refrigeration: This Red White and Blue Cheesecake Salad can easily be refrigerated. In fact, it tastes better that way. In fact, it tastes better that way. Just try to make the cream filling ahead of time, and mix it with the fruits right before serving. Otherwise, the salad might become a bit watery and mushy. 

Freezer: We do not recommend freezing it because it will get mushy. Plus, with summer on the horizon, it is advisable to use fresh fruits, and just make it from scratch. It will take less than 10 minutes!

Room Temperature: This dish can be served at room temperature for up to 2 hours. If it will stay longer than that, it will form bacteria, which is dangerous for human bodies. Therefore, discard immediately after that.

Red, White, and Blue Cheesecake Salad

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Recipe Tips

  • Make sure to add fruit just before serving so it doesn’t get mushy or discolored.
  • After washing the strawberries, pat them dry, to avoid getting water into the cheesecake mixture.
  • Also, when making the filling, try not to pour all the creamer at once, but rather do it slowly. This way, you will avoid a clumpy mixture. 


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5 from 5 reviews

Red, White, and Blue Cheesecake Salad

Author: Catalina Castravet Serves: 6 servings
Prep time: 15 minutes Total time: 15 mins



Nutrition information

Calories: 321 Carbohydrates: 57 Protein: 6 Fat: 8 Saturated Fat: 6 Cholesterol: 8 Sodium: 103 Potassium: 361 Fiber: 2 Sugar: 46 Vitamin A: 105 Vitamin C: 49.3 Calcium: 147 Iron: 0.6
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My entire family would absolutely love this. What a great idea for a memorial day party. A great dessert that is different than the norm I like it!


Amber Myers

Oh my gosh, this is such a great salad. I'll be making this for my family. I bet they'll love it. I know I'm all about cheesecake.


Melissa Chapman

This does sound like a very patriotic dish that has so many great ingredients. I would love a fruit salad like this and will trtey to re-create it this weekend



I think I've just found the dessert that I want to make for our gathering this weekend! This looks tasty. I think I have most of the ingredients to make it.



This looks like the prefect recipe to bring to a gathering I'm attending this weekend. I love how super easy it looks to make. 



I have had something similar to this at bbqs. I really enjoy it!



Okay I have to try this! I love cheesecake and kind of adore fruit salads. This is like the best of both worlds!


Amy H

I have not heard of a cheesecake salad! This looks really yummy! We were asked to bring something for our annual 4th of July party, I think I found what I'm going to bring.


Lia Mae

Perfect recipe for the 4th of July. I will be making this for sure!



This recipe looks really good. Sounds like a great one for the 4th. I may just have to make it for the 4th of July. I think everyone will love it too.



This looks so yummy and would be a great salad to have when its warm outside.


Nichole Arnold

Now this is right up my alley. Perfect colors for 4th of July but also super tasty for pot lucks this Summer!


Esther Irish

Oh this sounds so light and creamy. It's perfect for a patriotic holiday or just pretty much any day. :) Yum!



What a colorful and rich dessert This is. Was looking for something similar and this is the perfect choice. Made this today, very glad i did!



Love the look of this recipe! Can't wait to make it this weekend! Thanks for sharing!!



Do you think that you can leave out the whipped topping and just use the pudding and yogurt?


Yes, just use more of the yogurt, and add some cream cheese if you want.



Hubby and a few friends will NOT eat marshmallows..... so by leaving them out of the recipe how much more Strawberries and Blueberries would I add to the recipe? Thank you for your assistance, I can't wait to make this for my Girlfriends birthday and Mine. We share the same BIRTHDAY going to celebrate with all our friends together at camp <3 Hurry up JULY! ! ! !


just replace the quantity of marshmallow with your favorite berries :)


Carole Sharff

Making this for the 4th of July. Have never tried it but sure looks good.


Machelle Snare

Can you use cream cheese instead of yogurt?  If so, how much?


you need some yogurt too as its lighter in consistency


Gerry Beaver

The recipe says 6 servings.  Is that correct?




Jamie Roub

Can anyone help me with the carbs in this? I would like to try to make this diabetic friendly, so with less carbs. If I take out the marshmallows and put in nuts. Would that help?


Yes, skip the marshmallow and add nuts that you love.



This looks like an amazing dessert! But I don't like strawberries. What other red fruit would you suggest as a substitute?




Dora Delgado

Do you make the cheesecake pudding as directed on box? Or do you just poor the mix from the box into whipped topping and yogurt?


you put the MIX into the whipped topping and yogurt as the recipe says.



where do you get instant cheese cake pudding never saw it in stores


exactly next to the Jello



Made this today for a family get together. Thewhipped pudding mix already taste delicious!


Yes, you can eat it with a spoon alone lol


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