Slow Cooker Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Catalina Castravet
By Catalina Castravet
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Slow Cooker Stuffed Cabbage Rolls are a household classic favorite, hearty and filling! Full of flavor and easily made in the crockpot.

The cabbage is a versatile vegetable that has unexpected health benefits. Enjoy it in this dish as well as in other recipes like the Bacon Fried Cabbage, Slow Cooker Beer Ribs Tacos, and Baja Fish Tacos!

photo of slow cooker stuffed cabbage rolls with mashed potatoes


Crockpot Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Slow Cooker Stuffed Cabbage Rolls have a nice, balanced flavor with the individual rolls creating a nice presentation. As you cut through the leaves, the juicy and meaty filling emerges. Every bite is simply satisfying!

In this dish, the pliable leaves wrap around the beef-and-rice filling and sauce covers everything. The crockpot does make a good choice in preparing this as it will make the meat tender and juicy through hours of cooking.

For this recipe, we are using the green variant of the veggie. But as a versatile veggie overall, even the red ones make pretty pieces without discernible taste difference.

Aside from being versatile, this green leafy veggie is quite impressive in the health department. It is anti-inflammatory and has high levels of vitamins K and C.

This simply adds to the many reasons why this dish makes for a great dinner option for the family. Try this recipe and prepare for compliments to pour in!

photo of slow cooker stuffed cabbage rolls in the slow cooker

How do you make Slow Cooker Stuffed Cabbage Rolls:

  • Prepare the leaves: Take out the core of the cabbage head, then, put it in boiling water for a few minutes until some of the leaves start to peel away. Once softened, each leaf must be pliable enough for rolling later. Cut off the thick part if needed so that you can flatten the leaf on a surface.
  • Prepare the filling: Combine the filling ingredients in one bowl.
  • Make the sauce: Combine the sauce ingredients in another bowl.
  • Assemble: Put the filling inside a leaf and roll. Make sure to seal both ends so that the filling stays intact inside. Repeat until you prepare enough rolls.
  • Cook: Put some leaves at the bottom of the crockpot. Pour some of the sauce and place the individual pieces in. Then, pour the remaining sauce over everything. Set the crockpot to either 4 hours on high or 8 on low.
  • Serve: Let it cool for a few minutes before serving.

How do you fold a cabbage roll?

Do so as you would to a burrito. Just make sure that you seal the ends and place them in the pot with the seam facing the bottom. If needed, you can secure each piece with a toothpick.

photo of slow cooker stuffed cabbage rolls sliced

How to Store Slow Cooker Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

  • Refrigerate: You can refrigerate this dish in airtight containers for up to 3 or 4 days.
  • Freeze: You can freeze each roll first for 30 minutes, then, once frozen, transfer into freezer bags where they can last for up to 3 months. Reheat with a fresh batch of sauce.

How do you reheat it?

Follow these steps:

  • If frozen, thaw first overnight inside the fridge.
  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Place the stuffed pieces in a lightly greased casserole dish and pour the sauce on it.
  • Bake in the oven for about 30 minutes or more until heated through.

photo of slow cooker stuffed cabbage rolls

Recipe Tips

  • If you are planning to freeze this dish for later, you may do so while it is still raw. Freezing can sometimes alter the taste and texture.
  • To prepare the leaves, you may opt to use the microwave instead of boiling water. Or, freeze the head, then, thaw. Upon thawing, the leaves turn pliable.
  • If you have leftover leaves, like the ones that are too small to be used to wrap the filling with, use it in other recipes like a salad or soup.
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5 from 3 reviews

Slow Cooker Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Author: Catalina Castravet Serves: 6 servings
Prep time: 30 minutes Cook time: 8 hours Total time: 8 hrs 30 mins


Tomato Sauce:

Cabbage Rolls:


Prepare the leaves:

Prepare the filling:

Make the sauce:


Nutrition information

Calories: 377 Carbohydrates: 39 Protein: 20 Fat: 17 Saturated Fat: 6 Cholesterol: 81 Sodium: 1318 Potassium: 1249 Fiber: 9 Sugar: 19 Vitamin A: 1235 Vitamin C: 79 Calcium: 167 Iron: 6
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Photo of Slow Cooker Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

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I am Hungarian, and we have a similar recipe which we prepare only for Christmas. Our recipe doesn't contain tomato, and we use sauerkraut to make rolls. But for sure, I'll prepare your recipe, I am really curious to try it!


Let me know Noemi how you liked it. I know this is very similar to your cuisine :)



Those look delicious and easy to make! Pinning to try soon. :)


Lisa Joy Thompson

I love how easy it is to make cabbage rolls in the crock pot. I haven't made them for a while, but I need to do it again soon!



I haven't had stuffed cabbage rolls in years! I can't wait to try this recipe!


Celebrate Woman Today

This recipe, with some differences, is my mom's specialty. I grew up with the similar recipe. What a treat for me to enjoy it!



It's been years since I have had homemade cabbage rolls. They are so good! I'll have to try your slow cooker method.


Fatima Torres

These slow-cooked cabbage rolls are like the way my mom would make these growing up. I've been meaning to try a similar recipe



This is really delicious! My family loved it!



I've been making cabbage rolls for years, but this is the best recipe. The difference is in the flavour with all the herbs and spices Thanks for this!


Thank you Janet, glad you love it!


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