Instant Pot Weight Loss Soup [VIDEO]

Catalina Castravet
By Catalina Castravet
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Instant Pot Weight Loss Soup is a very easy veggie soup to make, that packs lots of nutrients and fiber to keep you full and boost your energy.

We love making Instant Pot dishes on our blog. Among our most famous soups are Instant Pot Ham and Bean, Instant Pot Italian Meatball and Instant Pot Tomato Soup.

Instant Pot Weight Loss Soup

Easy Instant Pot Weight Loss Soup

Instant Pot Weight Loss Soup is tasty, vegan, easy to make and packed with vitamins! The soup is a great combination of delicious fresh veggies, cooked in a tomato vegetable broth, seasoned with dried herbs for the best flavor. This Weight Loss Soup is incredibly easy to make, it does not involve multiple steps. After you prepare your veggies and add them to the Instant Pot, you just have to wait under 30 minutes for the soup to be ready.

I call this a weight loss aka detox soup aka the meal that helps me get back on track. After over-eating probably and most surely over-indulging during the holidays, I especially look forward to a bowl of this soup. Also, the soup is packed vitamins from the hearty veggies and it will keep you full for hours. I enjoy that it’s comforting and that it gives my digestion system a break.

Instant Pot Weight Loss Soup

Instant Pot Weight Loss Soup Recipe Tips:

  • Sautéing the onion and garlic, in the beginning, is optional. you can skip this step and add all the veggies to the Instant Pot if you are in a hurry. However, if you take a few minutes to sauté the onion and garlic, the flavor of the soup will definitely be much better, so I recommend to do it.
  • To save time, you can use pre-minced store-bought garlic or garlic paste. I always keep organic garlic paste on hand and use it in recipes.
  • Also, you can skip some of the veggies if you don’t like them. For example, if you absolutely hate onions you can skip those.
  • Similarly, I recommend to not skip the celery and the cabbage, because of their detoxifying properties.
  • The soup can be even healthier by using sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes.
  • For a spicier kick, add some red pepper flakes.
  • You can use veggie broth or chicken broth. If you use chicken broth, please choose low sodium and organic.
  • You can turn the soup into a rounded healthy meal also by adding either beans or stirring in shredded chicken.

Can I make this Weight Loss Soup in the Slow Cooker?

Yes, by all means! Just add all the ingredients to the slow cooker, stir and cook on low for 6 hours or until the potatoes are soft.

Should I add beans to the Instant Pot Weight Loss Soup?

The soup does not have much protein, I prefer to not add any beans (except the green beans) to it, as the whole purpose of it is to give my digestive system a break. However, you can add 1 can of rinsed and drained pinto or black beans if you want the soup to pack more protein.

How to make homemade vegetable stock?

  • First, heat oil in a large stockpot over medium-high heat.
  • Then, add the garlic, onions, celery, and carrots to it.
  • Cook until softened, for about 5-8 minutes, while stirring often.
  • Next, add the water, frozen vegetable scraps, bay leaves, parsley, thyme, salt, and pepper.
  • Reduce heat to low and simmer, partially covered, for 45 minutes.

Instant Pot Weight Loss Soup

Can you freeze Instant Pot Weight Loss Soup?

Yes. I recommend using quart bags for this soup. Use a cup to transfer the soup from the pot into the bag. Squeeze out excess air and seal the bags. The bags can nicely be stored in the freezer for up to 2-3 months. To serve, put in a large bowl and heat it for 10-20 min on the stove.


A Natural Pressure Release means that the pressure is released gradually. For a Natural Pressure Release, you click on Keep Warm, and wait 10 minutes, after which you open the valve and let any leftover pressure to release. Another option is to Turn Off/Unplug the pressure cooker, wait 10 minutes and after that open the valve.

A natural release is usually used when cooking soups, meat in a large amount of sauce, pasta or steel cut oats. This method prevents any foam from the dish to shoot out through the valve, which can happen during a Quick Pressure Release.

Tools/Ingredients I used to make the Instant Pot Weight Loss Soup Recipe:

  • Instant Pot – I use it all the time, either the Pressure Cooker function or the Slow Cooker function, I also like that I can just sauté / brown the meat and veggies directly in the pot using the Sauté function.

Watch Recipe Video:

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5 from 9 reviews

Instant Pot Weight Loss Soup

Author: Catalina Castravet Serves: 6 servings
Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 30 minutes Total time: 45 mins




Nutrition information

Calories: 245 Carbohydrates: 44 Protein: 6 Fat: 6 Saturated Fat: 0 Cholesterol: 0 Sodium: 1423 Potassium: 1133 Fiber: 6 Sugar: 11 Vitamin A: 1290 Vitamin C: 53.9 Calcium: 107 Iron: 3.3 g
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I definitely over indulged this holiday season and am in need of this soup to get back on track. This is being made ASAP!


Amy @ Salt and Skillet

This soup looks incredible! I would definitely make it in my crock pot to let the flavors get to know each other. (Also, I don't have an instant pot!) This is a great recipe for ANY time - not just after you've indulged! Make it a meal by adding beans, shredded chicken, some noodles - or all three! Ummm yes pleaaaase! <3 Thanks for the recipe!


Love your ideas!!!!



This is so perfect for this time of year, after all the heavy dinners and tons of desserts!


Dorothy Reinhold

Got a new instant pot and I am really excited about making healthy meals!



I'm in love with my Instant Pot, and I can't wait to try this soup!


carrie @ frugal foodie mama

I so need this in my life right now! After all of those holiday goodies, I am overdue for a healthy detox. ;)



This is for sure a must try recipe! Love easy and delicious dinner!



This looks amazing! I can't wait to try making this!


Richa Gupta

Great combo and the soup looks so much healthy too!



I don’t understand the ingredient amount. 2 14. 5 ounce cans tomatoes. I would like to make this soup, please can someone clarify. Thanks


2 cans of 14.5 ounces each.



Can you make this soup in just a regular pot? Do not have an instant pot and currently waiting for a replacement lid for crockpot. What would the timing be?


Hi Kaitlyn, yes you can, follow the exact steps just add everything to a regular pot, soup is ready when the potatoes are soft. Also, add the broccoli about 10 minutes before soup is ready, so they don't get too mushy.


Jessica | Novice Chef

Love finding great new recipes fro my instant pot!



Is this recipe on My Fitness Pal??


Peggy Mathias

what do you think about using red cabbage instead of green? My husband bought a red one that I would like to use.


sure, it will work great :)



How many times a day for how many days should you eat this for a detox?


I am sorry, I can't give you any nutrition advice as I am not qualified.



This is the 3rd thing I made in my Instant Pot, this was really tasty. Just a hint of heat with the red pepper flakes. Exactly what I need to jumpstart healthy eating (again.) Just had a bowl and it feels so good to get full of veggies. Next time I would cut the cook time a bit, since with heating up, pressure cooking, then the de-pressurize some of the veggies are a little mushy. Does not take away from the flavor though, and will make this a lot. I added some canned pinto beans after spooning into my bow. Love my Instant Pot.


Martha F Burch

I made this soup for my husband and he loved it! I broke my little toe the next day and so glad we had this for leftovers. ;-) We had tried another similar recipe and he would not eat it. It was missing all of the spices. What a difference they made. It definitely is filling and helps you lose a little weight. It is a great Instant Pot recipe.


Yes, the spices make the difference, otherwise its so bland! I am sorry about your toe, hope you get better soon!


Julie Knight

Just made this and LOVE it!! But can you tell me....Is this 245 calories per serving or for the whole thing?


per serving :)



This is wonderful!  Budget friendly, easy to do, and healthy!  I’m new to IP cooking and have had trouble getting flavor in the foods - this was loaded with flavor.  I’ve used your recipes two nights in a row for dinner and the family has loved them! (Your pineapple chicken was a big hit, too!) I think I found a new favorite place to get recipes. ? 


Mary Macuga

What is the serving size? 1 cup? I don't see it listed. I do see the calorie count though!


About 2 cups!



Big hit




Judy C

What is the serving size ?


about 2 cups



Made this today after being on vacation for a week and this is a great way to jump start eating healthy again and great for fall. This is everything you want in a vegetable soup... bonus that it’s a detox soup. Easiest and tastiest soup ever!



I made this soup in my stock pot I added red lentils, green peppers and sweet potato it’s officially my new favorite soup. Thanks for sharing!



What a delish soup and so full of flavor! It's so quick to prepare...I jokingly call it the "Wait Less" Soup! Thank you so much, Catalina!


Thank you Kaycee for your feedback. I am glad you loved it!



Any reason why the Instant Pot recipe includes onion and garlic and the Slow Cooker recipe does not? I’d like to add both the onion and garlic to the Slow Cooker version. Should they be sautéed first before adding them to the slow cooker?


You can add both, they will add more flavor if you Saute them first, its even better.


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