Creamy Cucumber Tomato Salad Recipe [video]

Catalina Castravet
By Catalina Castravet
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This Creamy Cucumber Tomato Salad is an easy recipe that is fresh, light, and very healthy. An appetizer that is ideal to start any meal for family or guests!

We love combining this dish with Grilled Pork Chops, Grilled Chicken Breasts, or Slow Cooker Kalua Pork. It is refreshing, and pairs well with pretty much any meats.

Creamy Cucumber Tomato Salad

Easy Cucumber Tomato Salad

Creamy cucumber tomato salad is a staple side dish for our family gatherings. My grandmother loves serving this every time we visit her house during the summer. She always says that fresh ingredients make the best dishes. Crispy cucumbers are her favorite pick during this season.

She likes to pair it with red, juicy tomatoes and a bit of fresh onion. I remember watching her prepare the dressing for the salad and how delicious it always turned out. Therefore, I followed her advice and turned it into this delicious recipe.

It is made of sour cream, Greek yogurt, and lemon juice. This light, creamy dressing perfectly blends with the fresh cucumbers and tomatoes. In addition, this recipe is very simple and easy to make. If you do not like tomatoes, you can follow our simple creamy cucumber salad recipe.

What are the health benefits of a tomato?

Tomatoes are great sources of antioxidants and vitamins. It contains Vitamins C, K1, B9, and potassium. Also, they have a high concentration of the antioxidant lycopene. It is good for the heart and may lower risks for some types of cancer.

Creamy Cucumber Tomato Salad

What are some nutrition facts of cucumber?

Cucumbers are known to have low-calorie content. A cup of raw, peeled cucumber only has 16 calories. It is also very low in carbohydrates, fat, and sodium. 

They are made up of 95 percent water. It promotes both hydration and weight loss. It is also a good source of Vitamin K, giving 11 percent of daily recommended intake.

How do you make cucumber tomato salad?

This delicious dish can be prepared in less than 10 minutes. Also, feel free to watch the recipe short video tutorial attached

  1. Start by preparing the dressing. Combine and stir together the ingredients: sour cream, Greek yogurt, lemon juice, and garlic. Add salt and pepper to taste. Set aside in a bowl.
  2. Then, slice cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions into thin slices. Place in a large bowl.
  3. Add the dressing and mix slowly. Garnish with dills and green onions.
  4. Refrigerate to keep it fresh.

How to avoid bitter cucumbers?

The key to avoiding bitter cucumbers is to take note of its variety. Jazzer and Holland types do not have a bitter taste in general. If these varieties are not available, just peel the bitter skin out of them. Also, it is best to cut both ends by an inch before peeling.

Creamy Cucumber Tomato Salad

How many calories in a cucumber tomato salad?

A cup of this salad contains about 109 calories. Cucumbers and tomato only have 7 and 20 calories, respectively. The dressing mix makes up for the remaining calories.

What is the best dressing for it?

The best dressing for this salad depends on your taste and preference. Some people use mayonnaise or olive oil. Many prefer it light and creamy. We recommend using sour cream and Greek yogurt. We also like to add lemon juice or a bit of vinegar in the mix.

What do you serve cucumber tomato salad with?

This salad is a perfect appetizer or side dish for any meal. Also, it is best paired with fish or meats, such as grilled chicken or pork. However, you can definitely enjoy it as a light snack at any time of the day.

How do you store the salad?

This salad is best eaten fresh. However, it can last for about 5 days if properly stored in the refrigerator. Simply, store it in any container that is air-tight. Make sure to place it in the fridge right away.

Creamy Cucumber Tomato Salad

Recipe Tips

  • For a lighter version of this dish, you can replace sour cream with unsweetened Greek yogurt.
  • Also, for the best flavor, ensure to mix the dressing well and properly coat all the ingredients. 
  • It is best to chill the salad for about 2-3 hours before serving.
  • Make sure that the bowl is tightly wrapped to avoid liquid from filling in.
  • To make this recipe with onions, simply chop some onions into it, and mix with the rest of the ingredients. 
  • In addition, it can be made with vinegar. Just add a little vinegar at the end, and mix well.

Watch Recipe Video:

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5 from 10 reviews

Creamy Cucumber Tomato Salad

Author: Catalina Castravet Serves: 4 servings
Prep time: 10 minutes Total time: 10 mins




Nutrition information

Calories: 117 Carbohydrates: 16 Protein: 6 Fat: 4 Saturated Fat: 2 Cholesterol: 11 Sodium: 331 Potassium: 665 Fiber: 2 Sugar: 8 Vitamin A: 1340 Vitamin C: 26 Calcium: 115 Iron: 0.9
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Alli Smith

Cucumber and Tomato Salad is one of my favorite summertime salads. The next time I make it I'm going to try it your way. It looks so yummy and refreshing.


Melissa Chapman

I have to admit I love salad but my husband's usual dressing is getting a little boring. I love the fresh tomatoes and cucumber and the dressing a good change for us.



Yum! That salads looks like the perfect summer staple for any grilling picnic or BBQ. Thanks for the recipe, I'll try it out!


Amber Myers

I know I will love this salad. I'm a huge fan of cucumbers and tomatoes. I'll be making this over the summer!



This looks like a great summertime food. I'll have to make it for our next cookout.


Marcie W.

This salad would make an excellent summer side. The creamy dressing sounds amazing too!



I love cucumber and tomato salad. I make it for all of our summer cookouts and family events.



That looks delicious! I'd love to make that this summer! I want to try a lot of fun summer recipes. I have a few recipes I want to try this weekend even.


Sue Reddel

My Grandma used to make a delicious cucumber salad similar to this one. Adding the tomatoes just sends it right over the top for me. Sounds terrific, we'll be trying this one out soon.


Sarah Bailey

OK now this sounds like an interesting salad - I have to admit I don't play with making salads enough, I think I need to try as I am sure one day I will find one I really love!


Tabitha Blue

Ohhh, this looks so delish! And perfect for a summer side. Saving for our BBQs!



This tomato cucumber salad is really creamy and delicious. Great side dish goes well with any thing.


Ruth I

This is so healthy and yummy! It's perfect in the summer heat here.



Oh, yum! I can't remember the last time I had eaten cucumber, but it is one of my favorites. Usually, we just slice it like that and dip in soy sauce.



This recipe just screams summer. Can't wait to make it and give it a try. Thanks for sharing.


Annemarie LeBlanc

Yummy salad! Cucumbers are a favorite in my family especially during the summer! I will try your salad recipe. Looks like a perfect side dish with grilled food.



This looks like a delicious summer salad! I'll have to make it soon.


Kristine Nicole Alessandra

I am making this today. After all that fat I consumed this past week, I need something light, nutritious and of course, tasty. This cucumber tomato salad looks perfect for that!


Lia Mae

I’ve been looking up new kinds of salads to make, so glad I found this one to try out.



I can't get enough of this salad!


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