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Mozzarella Arugula Salad with Black Olives

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Fresh and easy Mozzarella Arugula Salad, topped with juicy tomatoes, fragrant black olives and sweet balsamic reduction.

And hello, I am here to brighten your day with a glorious and healthy (yes, healthy, I don’t eat only cake and drink caramel sauce) Pearl Mozzarella Arugula Salad that is colorful, delicious and perfect with a glass of wine!

Mozzarella Arugula Salad with Black OlivesMmmmm yes! Look at it, I am ready to hug it and kiss it, its just so good!

Sunday, when I was cooking a feast which seemed for an entire wedding, but it was actually only for us, my husband kindly offered to fix me a salad, you know, power energy so I can finish cooking up the rest of the food and dessert. And OMG he made us this fresh and super delicious summery mozzarella arugula salad, which features juicy and beefy tomatoes from the farmer’s market, little pearls of mozzarella, regal LARGE black olives that we brought from Europe, all on a bed of peppery arugula!

Mozzarella Arugula Salad with Black OlivesAnd I needed a salad in my life. Can we all have a moment of silence and just make this really sink in: “I need to eat more salads, not followed by cake”. Maybe if I put it in writing it will actually happen? I hope so. I have the “food blogger syndrome” that happens when you have a food blog (duh) and eat too much of what you make, your clothes stop fitting you, so its harder to do fashion posts, and you have to do more food posts, you see its a vice circle?!! And we have to go to Paris in October and  I want to fit in my dress. EAT MORE SALAD! Excuse my desperate rant!


Now back to the Mozzarella Arugula Salad……He drizzled a little organic cold press olive oil and some balsamic reduction and this salad was perfection. The flavor were to die for, fresh and delicious. The texture is out of this world, the chewy arugula, soft mozzarella and juicy tomatoes. The olives are the cherry on the cake, they are fragrant and have a rich, beautiful aroma!

Mozzarella and Arugula Salad with Tomatoes & Black OlivesWe hit the salad jackpot, and can he served it with homemade wine from my parents, oh man, this is a lunch I can get used to!

The wine, don’t forget the wine!!!!

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Mozzarella and Arugula Salad with Tomatoes & Black Olives
Prep time
Total time
Fresh and easy mozzarella and arugula salad, topped with juicy tomatoes, fragrant olives and sweet balsamic reduction.
Recipe type: Salad
Cuisine: Italian
Serves: 2
  • 3 cups arugula
  • 1 cup pearl mozzarella
  • 1 large (huge) tomato
  • ½ cup large black olives
  • extra virgin organic cold pressed olive oil
  • balsamic reduction
  • salt and pepper
  1. Using a good sharp knife slice the tomatoes and set aside.
  2. Lay arugula on the bottom of a salad plate and top with tomatoes, mozzarella and black olives.
  3. Grind salt and pepper on top, drizzle with olive oil and balsamic reduction


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15 comments on “Mozzarella Arugula Salad with Black Olives”

  1. Hi Katalina!! I found your blog via Nagi’s! And this salad is just …..beautiful! I adore all mediterranean flavors, and every single thing in this recipe is calling my name 🙂

    Sending love from Buenos Aires!

  2. Haha, yes I know “food blogger syndrome” all too well. I try my best to only keep one or two pieces of treats I make and give away the rest, but I struggle when something is REALLY really good. 😉 I love fresh mozza and have never tried it with arugula, it looks awesome!

  3. I love this salad! And I’m so excited you get to go to Paris in the fall! Paris is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could go there again!

  4. Oh my, do I totally get you on the food blogger syndrome! I am in deep on that as evidence by the way my pants (don’t) fit. Now this salad could get me back on the right track! I can’t believe that you have olives straight from Italy! Awesome!

  5. Haha! I laughed so hard at this! I’m pretty sure that everyone thinks that I consume sugar by the ton 😉 But I can assure you that I DO eat healthy 😉 So, I’m glad that you can relate to my problem LOL! This salad looks great! I LOVE arugula! Thanks for sharing, Katalina! Pinned! 😀

    • Many thanks KC, yes sometimes from the recipes that we post it seems that we survive on white sugar only lol, but definitely behind the scenes I try to balance it, I am not always successful, but I do try to balance it!

  6. Wow this salad has all my favorite ingredients!! Looks so refreshing too!

  7. This salad looks just WOW! I mean, it beautiful, and full of awesome mediterranean flavors. So refreshing and summery!

  8. Beautiful salad!! I adore black olives and arugula.. So this salad is definitely a HIT for me!! Lovely share! 😀

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