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Best Thanksgiving dinner recipes 2020

Do you want to be ready for this year’s Thanksgiving? Don’t worry! With the wide array of our tested recipes, you will create an unforgettable holiday feast. We have prepared main dishes, salads, a variety of meats, and, of course, delicious desserts.

Check out our Thanksgiving ideas and inspire yourself! 

1. Loaded Sweet Potato Casserole

Thanksgiving without Sweet Potato Casserole? No, thank you! This yummy dish is full of mouthwatering flavors that will keep you coming for seconds. Mashed sweet potatoes are blended with a mix of cinnamon, brown sugar, and nutmeg, creating a creamy and rich layer.

One of the best parts of the casserole is the cinnamon filling, which consists of butter, flour, brown sugar, and, of course, cinnamon. The whole recipe is elevated thanks to the delicious toasted pecan and gooey marshmallow topping. Our classic Loaded Sweet Potato Casserole will pair perfectly with the other holiday dishes as well.

2. Sweet Potato Salad

We talked about Loaded Sweet Potato Casserole, but what will you say about Sweet Potato Salad? This wonderful recipe brings together a wide variety of different ingredients, tastes, and even textures, creating a real cult favorite!

What will you find in our salad? Well, the main ingredients are roasted sweet potatoes, but they are balanced by the addition of cranberries, pineapples, and pomegranate seeds. Also, salty feta and smoky bacon perfectly bring out other flavors, and thanks to the pecans, the dish gains a remarkably crunchy texture and balance.

The salad is topped with glorious orange dressing with a creamy texture that perfectly complements the rest of the ingredients. This recipe provides a wonderful base, and you can easily modify the salad to your own taste, by swapping or adding certain ingredients.

Top Homemade Thanksgiving dinner recipes for 2020

3. Slow Cooker Pineapple Ham

Our Slow Cooker Pineapple Ham will be an instant hit on your table during any holidays, whether that’s Christmas or Thanksgiving. It’s a timeless recipe that leaves you with juicy meat, which is full of flavor.

The meal can be prepared in the crockpot, which speeds up the cooking process and saves you a lot of time that is especially valuable during holidays. The recipe includes only a handful of ingredients such as ham, a can of crushed pineapple, maple syrup, brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and allspice.

Also, be sure to choose 8-10 pounds of ham, which was pre-cooked. All you need to do is to place everything in the crockpot and pour the juices over the meat from time to time to keep it moistened.

What’s important, thanks to the more gradual tempo of the cooking, the crockpot can really add to the flavor of the dish and make the ham much juicer. Of course, if you have more time, you can prepare the Pineapple Ham in the oven as well.

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4. Slow Cooker Pineapple Pork Loin

A crockpot can be used not only to cook Pineapple Ham but also for many other delicious meals such as Pineapple Pork Loin. The meat turns out tender, full of flavor, and it’s very easy to prepare.

For this dish, you will need pineapple chunks with juice, soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic, vegetable oil, as well as salt and pepper. Together, the ingredients will create a mouthwatering sauce that perfectly complements the meat.

If you want, you can brown the pork loin before you place it in the crockpot, but that’s not a must. Also, if you are interested in more tips on how to cook pork loin, be sure to check out our article on this topic!

5. Perfect Oven Roasted Turkey

What would be a Thanksgiving without some delicious turkey? Well, if you don’t want to find out, then try our Perfect Oven Roasted Turkey, which looks and tastes like heaven!

The turkey is a wonderful choice as it is high in protein and has fewer calories than darker meats. It’s also a source of niacin, choline, selenium, zinc, and vitamin B. Prepare it with our tried and trusted Butter Mixture and Stuffing and enjoy the wonderful taste.

Thanks to our recipe, the meat will turn out tender and juicy and will be covered in crispy and flavorful skin. Pair the Oven Roasted Turkey with some Mashed Potatoes and Pumpkin Pie, and you’ll have a classic Thanksgiving meal.

6. Easy Crockpot Stuffing

Thanksgiving creates a perfect occasion for cooking some of your favorite side dishes. One of the contenders? Easy Crockpot Stuffing is prepared with such important ingredients as dry bread cubes, chicken broth, mushrooms, celery, onion, eggs, butter, and a wide variety of herbs and spices.

Cooking the stuffing in the crockpot allows it to become moist, rich, and perfectly flavored.

Which Thanksgiving recipe stole your heart and will find its way to your holiday table? If you’re looking for more inspirations, browse the other Thanksgiving ideas we’ve prepared for you!

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