Ube Muffins – Naturally Purple!

Catalina Castravet
By Catalina Castravet
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Breads and Muffins Breakfast

Cook time Cook time: 25 minutes

Ube Muffins are insanely delicious and naturally purple. Topped with toasted walnuts and brown sugar these are fun to make and fun to eat.

These Purple Muffins are so pretty and delicious, it will be a hit for themed parties, and perfect to make with kids! I am obsessed with the color purple, and I love making Unicorn Cupcakes, Purple Cake and Purple Cake with Lemon Buttercream.

Ube Muffins

Ube Muffins are the perfect way to start your day. Their bright color will cheer you up and put you in a great mood for the rest of the day. Ube Muffins are naturally purple, and you know how much I love purple desserts. My most popular recipe on the blog is this gorgeous and easy to make Purple Cake. The muffins are loaded with crunchy toasted walnuts and topped with sweet brown sugar!

Why You Will Love These Purple Ube Muffins:

  • Firstly, they are very easy to make and can be easily transported with no mess.
  • Also, they can be enjoyed on the go.
  • Kids and adults love them.
  • Adorable purple color achieved with no food coloring.
  • Filling, sweet and delicious.
  • It can be enjoyed for breakfast or dessert.
  • In addition, they are great hostess gift.
  • It would be awesome for baby showers.

Ube Muffins Recipe Tips:

  • You need a purple yams. They are harder to come around and most grocery stores don’t carry them. I usually get mine from Whole Foods, Asian markets also carry them.
  • Don’t be fooled by the cute purple potatoes at your local grocery store, that’s not what you are looking for. Purple yams are basically cousins with sweet potatoes, but are purple!
  • I prefer to boil the purple yams (also called ube) whole with skin, this way the inside doesn’t get too watery and mushy and it preserves the natural purple color even more.
  • Make sure you don’t over bake them, start checking at the 20 minutes mark.
  • The walnuts are optional, if you are allergic or just don’t have any on hand, you can skip them.
  • The brown sugar topping is also optional, I like it because it adds a nice caramel flavor.
  • The Vanilla Glaze is also optional, can be skipped if you want to cut on sugar.
  • The recipe can also be made with sweet potatoes if you want to make sweet potato muffins instead.
  • The muffins are great served warm with butter!

Tools/Ingredients I used to make this recipe:

  • Regular Muffin Pan – I use this pan to bake muffins and regular size cupcakes, I had it for many years and absolutely love it
  • Cupcake Liners – when it comes to cupcake/muffin liners the sky is the limit, I like to keep them in a wide range of colors so I can use it based on the recipe or event
  • Walnuts – I am a huge fan of walnut and use them in trail mixes and desserts
  • Pecans – In this recipe, you can substitute walnuts with pecans
  • Whole Nutmegs – one of my favorite spices, I LOVE the flavor and I add it to savory and sweet recipes, I also prefer the whole ones as they pack more flavor
  • Cinnamon – love adding it to bake goods and it works so well with the purple yams
  • Cinnamon Sticks – I always keep some on hand, in case I want to make fresh cinnamon powder
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5 from 1 reviews

Ube muffins

Ube muffins are insanely delicious and naturally purple. Topped with toasted walnuts and brown sugar these are fun to make and fun to eat.

Author: Catalina Castravet Serves: 12 muffins
Prep time: 25 minutes Cook time: 25 minutes Total time: 50 mins



Optional Glaze:


Cook the Purple Yams:

Ube Muffins:

Optional Glaze:

Nutrition information

0 Calories: 252 Carbohydrates: 36 Protein: 3 Fat: 10 Saturated Fat: 1 Cholesterol: 28 Sodium: 115 Potassium: 117 Fiber: 0 Sugar: 21 Vitamin A: 55 Calcium: 54 Iron: 1
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Delaney | Melanie Makes

These are so festive! Perfect for a spring celebration.



As a fan of all things purple, this looks right up my alley!!


Meghan @ Cake 'n Knife

The fact that these are naturally purple makes my heart giddy!


Dorothy at Shockingly Delicious

I love the color! Can't wait to find some Ube!


Erin @ The Speckled Palate

What gorgeous muffins! I've never seen anything this color before that didn't have food coloring, so I clearly need to find some purple yams!


[email protected]

Oh my gosh what a gorgeous color! Perfect for a special occasion!


Sandi G

I love this purple veggie...are these the same as Hawaiian Purple Sweet Potatoes?


Megan @ MegUnprocessed

Gorgeous! Love the pretty color!


Lane & Holly @ With Two Spoons

What an amazing color! Love that it is natural!


David Alleman

Where do you get "yams"? Didn't think they were grown in the USA. I grow purple sweet potatoes. There are several varieties. Google "Sandhill Preservation Center" for a list of the varieties of purple sweet potatoes. [https://www.thespruce.com/sweet-potatoes-vs-yams-1808067 ]


I get them usually from Korean markets or Asian stores.


Dan Sablad

Can I use powdered ube on this? If possible, how many tbsp?


hi, sorry, I don't know what the ratio would be.


Judy Abaro

hi, the muffins look great. have you tried making them with ube halaya jam instead of fresh ube? looking for an alternative as fresh ube isn't always readily available.


No, I haven't tried them that way, sorry.



Hi how much cooked mashed ube would that be? Thank you.


Sorry, I haven't measured the cooked one.



I have frozen mashed ube, do you know how many cups of mashed ube this is? I would love to make these. Thanks :)



i made these with sweet potatoes and skipped the glaze, they were really great! everyone in my family enjoyed them!


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