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How To Make Oreo Buttercream [Video]

Making Oreo Buttercream at home is fun and easy. This frosting is creamy and delicious, perfect for cakes and cupcakes.

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Easy Oreo Buttercream Recipe

Oreo Buttercream is a must-try if you love Oreo cookies. Well, facts are facts and Oreo Buttercream is truly amazing, you can literally eat it with a spoon, heck, if I wouldn’t have to worry about my soon to come tropical vacation I would even spread this buttercream on toast, it’s that good.

I am going to tell you How To Make Oreo Buttercream that you can use on cakes, cupcakes and even trifles. I am sure you will put it to good use. This Oreo Buttercream is sweet, rich and fluffy and loaded with crushed Oreo cookies. It’s like eating an unbelievably creamy oreo cookie.

I have used it on cakes so far and on cupcakes, and I am telling you this is the only Oreo Buttercream recipe you will ever need.

What do you need to make Oreo Buttercream?

  • Unsalted butter
  • Oreo crumbs
  • Vanilla extract
  • Milk
  • Powdered sugar

What is Buttercream Icing?

Buttercream is also known as butter icing is a type of icing or filling used inside cakes and cupcakes, as a coating, and as decoration. It is very easy to make, by creaming butter with powdered sugar, although other fats can be used, such as margarine or lard.

Tips & Tricks on How To Make The Perfect Oreo Buttercream :

  • For a very fluffy buttercream texture, add powdered sugar one cup at a time, and after each cup, turn the stand mixer on the highest speed that it will go, this will make the frosting extremely fluffy.
  • Using the paddle attachment instead of the wire whisk attachment will also result in fluffier buttercream.
  • If you want to pipe your buttercream perfectly on cupcakes or cakes, you will need a firmer texture. Follow the recipe for that type of frosting.
  • The firmness of the buttercream frosting depends on the amount of sugar to liquid ratio. If you want a firmer frosting, add more confectioner’s sugar. If you want a softer frosting, add more milk or cream. Just do it gradually.

Do Oreo’s have eggs?

There are no eggs in Oreos. However, Oreos have milk as cross-contact and therefore they are not suitable for vegans. Oreo products do not contain nut or nut traces.

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How To Make Oreo Buttercream

How To Make Oreo Buttercream using crushed Oreos, this frosting is creamy and delicious, perfect for cakes and cupcakes.

How To Make Oreo Buttercream
  • Prep Time10 MIN
  • Cook Time
  • Servings 12 cups


  • 5 sticks / 2½ cups unsalted butter room temperature
  • 8 cups powdered sugar
  • 3 cups Oreo crumbs about 30 Oreos
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 3-6 tablespoons milk


  • Extra Oreo crumbs for garnish
  • Mini Oreo cookies for garnish


  • In the bowl of an electric mixer, fitted with the wire attachment, beat together butter until smooth.
  • Slowly add 4 cups of powdered sugar and mix until smooth. Start with the mixer on low speed and gradually increase to high. Pause to scrape the sides of the bowl.
  • Add vanilla extract and the remaining 4 cups of sugar, mix until combined, also starting on low and gradually increasing to high.
  • Add Oreo crumbs, mix until smooth.
  • Add milk 1 tablespoon at a time, until you get a smooth, desired consistency.
  • Use immediately or cover and refrigerate up to three days.
  • For a firmer frosting, add more confectioner's sugar,  ¼ cup at a time. For a softer frosting, add more milk or cream, one tablespoon at a time.
  • To use, once refrigerated, slowly allow to reach room temperature and then beat on low speed for just a few minutes, until the buttercream is smooth before using.

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This icing is super easy to work with and super addicting. I’ve been making it for over 2 years now and every time I make it for cupcakes or cakes people always say how much they love the frosting. I’ve made 3 people bowls of it for their birthdays. Super easy and super yummy!

Ana Soehnlein

Ana Soehnlein

hello, just wondering what “regular” size cake is? i was going to make 9-inch rounds with 4 layers, is that enough frosting?

Catalina Castravet

Catalina Castravet

hello, yes, it should be enough!



Hi, I have a batch of buttercream already made, curious if I can just add oreos to it or do I have to make this from scratch and adjust ratios.



Hello! Planning to use this as a filling for my sansrival / silvanas cookies. Just wondering if it would still taste good if I put it in the freezer with the cookies then defrost before eating? Thanks.

Catalina Castravet

Catalina Castravet

Yes, it will!

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