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Baileys Affogato Recipe [Video]

Baileys Affogato is a great dessert of Italian origin that combines two of my most favorite things – coffee and ice cream! Learn how to prepare it with this recipe!

I am a certified coffeeholic and I enjoy it in any form or any manner it is served, even in this recipe! It is a great perk-me-up, just like Strawberry Poke Cake, Apple Pie Danish, and Cranberry Coffee Cake!

Baileys Affogato Recipe

Affogato is both a dessert and a beverage. This is because you make it by combining ice cream and espresso, two of my most favorite things! Combining the two results to a partnership that feasts inside your mouth!

I know it is still winter and it is so cold, but I cannot wait to eat anything frozen especially when it is drowning in espresso. Sweet and bitter, cold and hot, light and dark, solid and liquid – all of these different dimensions are what you get to experience in just one dessert! Or, is it a drink? It does not matter to me actually as I love it either way.

So, either ice cream or gelato can be used in this and the simplest recipes use the vanilla-flavored one. It is perfect for the espresso as it balances out the bitter taste with its milk content.

This traditional Italian concoction is very simple and with this recipe, you can make it any day of the year. Isn’t it always a plus that we can make our favorite dishes at home? No need to go to fancy Italian food places now!

What is Affogato?

It is an Italian classic that uses espresso and ice cream or gelato. The name comes from the Italian term for “to drown” which is the best way to describe this dessert. The frozen treat drowns in a bitter sea of espresso!

What goes into Affogato?

You will only need ice cream or gelato and coffee! It is optional to add Baileys or even whiskey, but I suggest that you try that to taste the richness that it brings.

How to make Affogato:

For a quick reference, please watch the short video tutorial attached above. But the general steps are as follows:

  • Prep the coffee: Use the coffee machine to make a double shot of espresso.
  • Prep the ice cream: In each serving portion, put one or two scoops of it.
  • Pour: Pour the coffee over the frozen treat. You can also add the Baileys at this point.
  • Serve: Serve immediately.

How do you eat it?

You simply use a spoon to eat your coffee-laden gelato and do so while the gelato has not melted yet. Then, you can simply drink the rest when the frozen treat has turned liquid.

Which ice cream is best for Affogato?

Any high-quality vanilla-flavored one is best for this. This flavor pairs well with coffee as it is not overpowering. It is like a blank canvas for the deeper espresso flavor. But I do love to use different-flavored ones once in a while to change things up.

Can you make it ahead of time?

Technically, you can only combine the frozen treat with the espresso right before serving. But, if you will be serving it at a party and want to prepare ahead, then, here is what you can do: scoop out the gelato and put in the glasses, then, freeze. Right before serving, pour in the espresso.

Recipe Tips:

  • You can use other flavored coffee or gelato. I like using chocolate-flavored ones, too, as they pair well with coffee.
  • You can top it with chocolate shavings, syrup, or whipped cream!
  • Note that you do not need to stir it when you serve it.
  • To slow down the melting, you can pour in cold coffee or chill the glass.

Baileys Affogato

Baileys Affogato is a great dessert of Italian origin that combines two of my most favorite things - coffee and ice cream!

Affogato with Baileys
  • Prep Time5 MIN
  • Cook Time
  • Servings 2 servings


  • 6 scoops vanilla ice cream
  • 4 shots espresso
  • 2 ounces Bailey's optional


  • Divide ice cream into bowls, or Irish coffee cups, 3 scoops per cup.
  • Pour 2 shots of espresso over each ice cream cup.
  • Add Bailey's if using, one ounce per cup.
  • Serve immediately.

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Thoughts on replacing the espresso with hot chocolate? For the kids who I do not want drinking shots of espresso but will insist on sharing in the fun 😆

Catalina Castravet

Catalina Castravet

yes, it will be great :)



Perfect dessert idea for the coffee fans!

Claudia Krusch

Claudia Krusch

I've never heard of this! It looks amazing!! I'll have to give this a try! I think hubby would love it too!

Ruth I

Ruth I

Oh I love coffee and ice cream. This is so perfect for me. I can't wait to try it.

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