Feta Cheese Day is Coming June 15th!

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Feta Cheese Day!

From salads and dips to pizza and pasta, feta is a very versatile cheese. But it is sometimes served on its own as baked feta or just eaten plain. It has a tangy and mildly salty flavor with a bit of a peppery sweetness too.

Baked feta mixed with cream cheese and roasted red peppers and tomatoes make up this delicious dip. Perfect for dipping crackers, chips, vegetables, and thick chunks of bread. 

Basil Whipped Feta Mini Phyllo Dough Shells

These little cups of creamy cheese are made with a blend of whipped cream cheese and feta, tomatoes, and sweet peppers. Then stuffed into phyllo shells to eat!

It looks difficult and tastes incredible but this salad is easy! Just some quinoa, peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, onion, chickpeas, lettuce, and feta. Toss on some dressing and its done!

Instant Pot Feta Pasta

This TikTok dish is done in less than 15 minutes with just a few ingredients including feta, pasta, broth, tomatoes, olive oil, and some seasonings. That's all you need!

Feta Potato Salad (or Patriotic Potato Salad)

With just some mini potatoes, bacon, feta cheese, olive oil, garlic, and dill, this potato salad can be turned into a special dish for a holiday. Just get red, white, and blue (purple) potatoes and you have Patriotic Potato Salad.

Try these salad recipes made with feta:

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