my favorite patriotic desserts

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My Favorite Desserts!

No matter what color these desserts are, they are so delicious, you can eat them anytime. But if you want something red, white, and blue for your holiday party, you can find it here in these desserts.

From patriotic stuffed strawberries and cheesecake salad to red, white, and blue bundt cake, you can make anything look special with the right coloring. 

Patriotic Poke Cake

With some cake mix, food coloring, strawberries, and blueberries, you can make this patriotic poke cake easy in just minutes. It looks like you spent all day on it and tastes great too!

Patriotic Bundt Cake 

This red, white, and blue bundt cake is so easy to make and the colors run inside and out. You only need a handful of ingredients and about 45 minutes to make this attractive dessert. 

For this scrumptious holiday dish, you only need fruit, cream cheese, and whipped cream. No cooking required! And they taste amazing!

Patriotic Easy Fudge

This one is even easier! With just two ingredients and 10 minutes, you can make these beautiful bites of Heaven for your patriotic party or just for a family barbecue. 

Red White And Blue Cupcakes

These fluffy cupcakes are topped with a gorgeous tower of red and blue frosting for a fun dessert to enjoy on the Fourth of July. Or you can have them anytime you like. 

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