Fudge Day is Coming on June 16th!


On June 16th, it is time to get out your fudge making pot. Whether you like vanilla, chocolate, or some other flavor, you can make fudge at home!

So many flavors and only one day!

You really can make fudge in any flavor you like from chocolate to vanilla. In this story, I listed my favorites: Oreo, peanut butter, white chocolate, blueberry, and pecan pie. 

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easy oreo fudge

Oreo is my favorite because you only need three ingredients and it is my absolute favorite cookie! It takes just minutes and you can eat it in an hour!

peanut butter fudge

My second favorite is peanut butter because it is creamy and sweet with crunchy peanuts on top. It is also super easy and you can have it ready in minutes. No baking required.

white chocolate fudge

Everyone loves white chocolate and this recipe is special because it has rainbow sprinkles to make it more festive. Perfect for a birthday or another celebration!

blueberry fudge

This unique fudge recipe also has just three ingredients including freeze dried blueberries, sweetened condensed milk, and white chocolate melting wafers. This is perfect for Mardi Gras celebrations.

pecan pie fudge

If you love pecan pie, you have to try this delicious crunchy fudge. I have never had anything like it and with its rum extract and molasses, this is a special dessert to make.

Or try these flavors




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From sweet and tangy pumpkin fudge to beautiful white and pink chocolate heart fudge, I have all the fudge recipes you need!