Weekly Food Highlights.

Weekly Food Highlights – April 23rd, 2016

Happy weekend my friends! I was thinking to start some weekly series around Food, Style & Beauty and House Highlights. These would be free form posts where I can share stuff that I love and also consolidate some of the current week posts. A place where I can just ramble and share my latest findings and wish lists.

Weekly Food Highlights 4.22I am starting with the Food Highlight, because while I am obsessed with shoes, food always comes in first. Lets start with what I was up on Peas and Peonies this week, in case you missed some crazy good recipes:

  1. It all started with Vegan Crab Cake Veggie Skewers – I am proving again and again that I am obsessed with avocados and I may turn into one.
  2. Another current obsession are blood oranges, hence this pretty Basil Blood Orange Pound Cake – guys you need to try it, this pound cake is the bomb.
  3. Mojito! This Roasted Blackberries Mojito is by far the best mojito I have ever had, I made it for a few friends and everyone loved it, so far I already made this recipe four times. Stay tuned for other flavor combos!
  4. Did I mention that I am obsessed with avocados? This Mint Chocolate Chip Avocado Ice Cream is all you need, creamy, made with 5 ingredients only and it’s also vegan.
  5. Big new on Peas and Peonies! I became a contributor on Dinner, Then Dessert and today I posted my first recipe for Sriracha Brown Sugar Chicken, believe me, you need to try it!

If you are still hungry, check these Buzzfeed Round-ups! You can thank me later!

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  2. 15 Beautiful Ways To Eat A Blood Orange – this post is so gorgeous
  3. 15 Delicious Strawberry Desserts You Should Eat ASAP – any strawberry obsessed folks?
  4. 17 Sweet And Refreshing Cocktails You Need To Try – for those days when you need a drink, aka every day!
  5. 15 Mouth Watering Recipes That Are Secretly Healthy – when you want to go for seconds guilt-free
  6. 17 Life Changing Flourless Desserts That You Must Try – indulgence at its best

Happy Weekend! Make the most out of it!