Weekly Food Highlights.

Weekly Food Highlights – June 7th, 2016

Hello my friends, how is everyone? I am popping in with the latest Weekly Food Highlights in case you were busy like me and didn’t get a chance to check the blog lately. No worries, I have summed up in here the latest delicious recipes that have been up on the blog in the last two weeks.

Weekly Food Highlights Many things have happened, the Memorial Day long weekend was full with great food and last weekend we celebrated our son’s birthday with a big party and again more food. Me and my mom made 4 homemade cakes and cupcakes! Stay tuned as I will share photos from the celebration this week. We had a blast, great weather, great food, tons of kids who had so much fun running around and also got some pretty stylish face painting! Again, our baby (well, not a baby anymore!) choose Batman to be painted on his face and as I have promised many times to my readers I finally made a Vegan Batman Cake, loaded with sprinkles!

  1. Here is the very festive and easy to make Vegan Batman Cake and if you are looking for the Non Vegan version I have linked to it in the post.
  2. Want more sprinkles? Check this Funfetti Cake topped with white chocolate.
  3. Want to serve something healthy and fun to the kids this summer? These Frozen Yogurt Bites are the perfect healthy treat!
  4. If you like pink, check these Pink Summer Refreshments!
  5. Love coffee? I bring you Chocolate Coffee Bread, because chocolate and coffee where meant to be together.
  6. And if we take a break from chocolate we eat cheesecake, to be more specific, Cherry Cheesecake Coffee Cake!
  7. For a fun, tropical twist try these coconut Avocado Bars, chewy, dense and so flavorful!
  8. And cookies, its always good to have cookies on hand, especially Dulce de Leche cookies!

Have a delicious week everyone!


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