Potato and Meatloaf Casserole

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You can have both your favorite comfort foods in one pan with this Potato and Meatloaf Casserole. Seasoned with sweet chili and covered in melted cheese, this is delicious. 

Here's What You Need

For this Potato and Meatloaf Casserole, you need: -Lean ground beef -Diced Yukon potatoes -Sweet chili -Barbecue sauce -Ricotta cheese -Cheddar cheese -Pepper jack cheese -Large egg -Worcestershire sauce -Seasoned bread crumbs -Minced garlic cloves -Chopped onion -Sour cream -Half and half -Ranch seasoning -Crumbled bacon -Kosher salt -Black pepper -Butter

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First, preheat the oven to 375 degrees F and oil a 9x13 pan. Then, mix barbecue sauce, chili sauce, ricotta cheese, egg, Worcestershire sauce, bread crumbs, garlic, onion, and ground beef in a large bowl. 


Next, spread the beef mixture into the bottom of the pan and bake for 40 to 45 minutes. While it cooks, boil the potatoes for 9 to 10 minutes until fork-tender. 

Step 3

After you drain the potatoes, add the butter and beat with an electric mixer until creamy. Then, add the sour cream, half and half, ranch seasoning, salt, and pepper, and mix thoroughly. 

Step 4

Remove the meatloaf and drain excess grease before spreading the mashed potatoes on top. Then add the cheddar cheese, pepper jack cheese, and half the bacon. 

Step 5

Afterward, put the pan back in and bake for another 15 to 20 minutes. Then add the rest of the bacon and garnish with chopped green onions. 

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For a fast and delicious family dinner, try this easy recipe. With three kinds of cheese and sweet chili sauce, it's a yummy budget friendly recipe.