Thank you very much for visiting and taking the time to check this page. My name is Katalina Kastravet and I am here to raise awareness about cancer patients who can’t afford treatment in Moldova.
Before moving to US, I was born and raised in Moldova, a third world country with a very corruptive public medical system, with very low wedges and pensions ($100 monthly average), all these make almost impossible for low income people to afford care and treatment for any illness, but since cancer is the 2nd leasing cause of death in the country and the treatment is more expensive, many children, adults, and retired people can’t afford basic care and medication.

My grandfather was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago, unfortunately it was detected too late for a full recovery to be possible, and all we could do is offer him the best care we could to prevent the cancer from spreading thru his body. This diagnose opened my eyes to how many people can’t afford the treatment that my grandfather was getting. Also, how uncomfortable are the public oncology hospitals, with way too many patients squeezed into one room, cold hallways and bathrooms, lack of showers and underpaid nurses.

Me and my husband live permanently in the US, both being employed we were very blessed that we were able to afford and pay for my grandfather’s treatments back home and also help others from time to time with donations.

My grandfather passed away on June 27th 2015, after a long and brave fight, I consider him a winner, and the way he loved life and cared for people, touched me forever. I will always keep that in my heart. I will cherish his memory and help others, since thats what he would’ve wanted me to do. We said our goodbyes, but maybe we can help other families to avoid saying goodbye to the people they love most.
To ensure that many children, adults and retired people with no source of income are able to get the same level of treatment and care, also provide them with necessary medication apart of the profits from this blog will always be donated too people suffering from cancer in Moldova. I will share their stories and how we helped them on the blog as well.

If you want to be part of this campaign, and contribute to a stranger’s life just like we do, please donate as little as you can, every dollar counts, every contribution can change someone’s life, and actually give them a chance to live, help them with their pain, and put a smile on their face that someone somewhere still cares!

For donations please visit Go Fund Me <– click on the link! Thank you!

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