M&M’S World Store NYC is a must visit place during a trip to NYC. The store is super gorgeous, engaging and a fun experience for the whole family.

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M&M’S World Store NYC

Over the weekend my husband and I went to M&M’S World Store NYC for some sweet fun! A day in NYC is not complete if you don’t make time to visit this gorgeous store. M&M’S World Store NYC is a fun place for the entire family. I felt that I went to candy heaven! The store is bright, colorful, so spacious and engaging. The music was spot on, the staff super helpful, we even had a manager show us around the store, and she said that her favorite spot is the candy wall.

M&M’S World Store NYC is huge and you can find anything you want! Their famous Candy Wall is filled with M&M’S in the most amazing colors, the pastel pink and purple M&M’S are personally my favorite. How can you decide what color of M&M’S you want? Personally, for me was one of the hardest decisions as they are all stunning! We got some classic M&M’S with peanuts as those are my husband’s favorite and finally I decided to settle on a gorgeous shade of purple for my own, personal consumption.

M&M’S World Store NYC

The M&M’S World Store in New York and Las Vegas have a Personalized Printer. That allows you to create customized M&M’S in about two minutes! In the M&M’S World Store NYC you can even print your own face on M&M’S! How cool is that? That would make for some adorable favors at any event!

This summer, M&M’S World is introducing an Americana collection, which includes stylish apparel, accessories and drinkware. The M&M’S cups are absolutely adorable, I wanted each and everyone. Eventually I actually settled and bought an M&M’S blanket for our son, and also a few M&M’S bags. Those are so cute, I am ready to model one myself.

You can find M&M’S World stores in NYC, Las Vegas, Orlando, London and Shanghai. So if you are in any of these areas make sure to visit one, you will have a blast. The store is so engaging and its absolutely mesmerizing for kids and adults. All the different customized items are so fun, we even spotted a M&M’S policeman and a M&M’S firefighter. The M&M’S pillows are so soft and cozy, and based on what city you are in, you will find M&M’S customized items to display its signature places!

We also had lots of fun in the photo booth, and next time when we are back we will try the M&M’S printing machine! I can’t wait to have a candy with my face on it!