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Healthy Time Saver Breakfast Ideas

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Three healthy time saver breakfast ideas for families who want to eat healthy, but hate dirty dishes and don’t have the time in the morning.

Hello, hello! How is everyone? We are starting our week late after a long weekend with some tips on healthy time saver breakfast ideas for hectic mornings. Our weekend was packed with fun activities, a trip to Target and to the mall, which is always fun for me and an amazing Puppet Show, that both, me and Sebastian enjoyed.

I wanted to share with you today a few healthy time saver breakfast ideas that we have been enjoying lately. As a full-time working family, sometimes I just don’t have time to whip up scrambled eggs and fancy whole wheat pancakes in the morning. I love all those, but sometimes, when I need to rush to a 9am meeting and get a cranky toddler dressed up for pre-school, cooking something is not in my morning plans.

Healthy Time Saver Breakfast IdeasLately we have been enjoying Yoplait- Plenti Oatmeal Meets Greek Yogurt that tastes good and is also packed with oatmeal. I have a toddler who is obsessed with yogurt, he can eat it all day long, and he also loves oatmeal and blueberries are his favorite snack, so no wonder it is a huge hit with him.

Healthy Time Saver Breakfast IdeasHappy toddler, happy mama!


Healthy Time Saver Breakfast IdeasI have been enjoying the Yoplait- Plenti Oatmeal Meets Greek Yogurt for breakfast as well, I just buy a few jars and store them in the office fridge, they make a great snack as well.  I like it that its very satisfying, and it keeps me full thru my morning workout. It also gives energy to my active toddler all morning. The taste is great, and I love the texture, I actually used to add raw oatmeal to my yogurt, and I am so happy that Yoplait- Plenti Oatmeal Meets Greek Yogurt already does that for me. The yogurt is so much more hearty and satisfying. The chewiness from oatmeal, with the creaminess of the refreshing yogurt is truly an amazing combo.

Healthy Time Saver Breakfast IdeasIt’s great that we can have peaceful, delicious and healthy mornings, with no extra time spent cooking a meal and no dirty dishes. Bonus points is that Yoplait- Plenti Oatmeal Meets Greek Yogurt has 16 grams of whole grains and 11 grams of protein.

Healthy Time Saver Breakfast IdeasInstead of rushing to put something together we enjoy a jar of Yoplait- Plenti Oatmeal Meets Greek Yogurt. Here are some healthy time saver breakfast ideas that we rotate in our family for busy mornings:

  1. Yoplait- Plenti Oatmeal Meets Greek Yogurt – just open the jar and enjoy, with a piece of fruit on the side, we usually eat it with bananas.
  2. Peanut Butter and mashed banana sandwiches on whole eat bread, very easy to make and keeps you full for hours, kids love this combo too.
  3. Banana, peanut butter, spinach, almond milk and honey smothie – layer all the ingredients the night before in you blender, except the almond milk. In the morning just add almond milk, blend, and breakfast is ready!

Healthy Time Saver Breakfast IdeasYoplait’s Plenti Meets Greek Yogurt comes in 6 delicious flavors:

  1. Vanilla
  2. Blueberry
  3. Maple – Brown Sugar
  4. Peach
  5. Apple Cinnamon
  6. Strawberry

Try it for yourself today!


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4 comments on “Healthy Time Saver Breakfast Ideas”

  1. Love this stuff! And the coupon really helps. My local store had it for 1.09 and with the coupon? Practically free!

  2. Nice yogurt, I started giving this to my kids about a month ago, and they like it a lot, the coupon also helps, thanks!

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